Production Company: Dress Code (
Director: Andre Andreev
Executive Producer: Brad Edelstein, Dan Covert, Andre Andreev
Head of Post Production & Operations: Tara Rose Stromberg
Producers: Anna Butler, Tara Rose Stromberg
Assistant Producer: Mayele Yebo
Production Coordinator: Jonathan Dontchev
Editor: Andre Andreev
Art Director: Wes Ebelhar
Design: Elena Chudoba, Maddie Edgar, Sonya Han, Yuval Haker, Simone Noronha, Rasmus Löwenbrååt
Animation Director: Vincenzo Lodigiani
Animation: Yuval Haker, Sonya Han, Taik Lee, Hao Li, Rasmus Löwenbrååt, Zach Scholl, Sunny Yazdani
Research: Richard Kroll

Music & Sound: YouTooCanWoo
Voiceover: Robert "Bob" Primrose Wilson

Audio sourced from the Ladbroke Radio production, "The Loneliness of the Goalkeeper," produced by Adam Fowler, originally aired on the BBC Radio 4.

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